Setting Genesis Chapter 1 Day 4 into Pictures


Additional Study

Study the following words in the original Hebrew:

Genesis 1:14 owth “sign” Strongs 226
moed “season” Strongs 4150 Where else does this word appear in Scripture?
yowm “day” Strongs 3117
shanah “year” Strongs 8141

God’s calendar has some special features, How does it differ from other calendars?

God creates the dry ground and vegetation on day three of creation in Genesis 1


Additional Study

Examine the passage in a variety of translations and in the original Hebrew. Engage with the text and ask questions like, “Why did God repeat Himself about plants reproducing after the characteristics of the seed that is in them? Look up and study the definitions of the crucial words. These suggestions are only a beginning.

Genesis 1:9-12 zera “seed” Strongs 2233