The Word in Pictures

Illustrating the Scriptures

Capturing a child’s imagination and giving them a love for Scripture.

We hope these images bless you and yours and you find them useful in teaching the Scriptures to others. You are free to copy and download these images and the information on this site for educational use in your home, school or church.


A Special Note from Us 

Dear Reader,

If you have ever tried to explain Scripture to your very young children or someone new to the faith, you can understand why we started this project.

God originally gave His Word in Paleo Hebrew, a pictorial language most of us no longer comprehend. In The Word In Pictures we endeavor to illustrate what YHWH chose to write for us. We will include the whole text of each Bible book broken down into illustrated pages. Our desire is not to change scripture, to add to it or subtract from it. Instead we are giving you the “whole counsel”, with our explanations—both written and in pictures. We hope this visual approach to the Bible blesses all who find it.

In addition to giving you the word of God, we have included paragraphs and notes designed to answer one question, the question I hear daily from my daughter and son when I read the Bible to them: “What does that mean, Mommy?” We have taken each chapter and written it down in simple language. No adding modern ideas, comparisons, or analysis. Simply writing down what it says in child-like language.

Please understand, we do NOT in any way wish for you to give your child only our words. We believe that even children should be offered the meat of YHWH’s holy word. We do recognize, however, that children—and adults—often need help in accessing what is found in those words. To that end, we have attempted to illustrate the concepts and events of scripture in picture and simple verbiage. None of our words should be treated as the inspired words of YHWH. So, please read them through Berean eyes. Test them and offer them to your child or accept them for yourself only if they agree with what God reveals through His Holy Word.

So, after years of searching for the right way to lead my children in the study of the word of YHWH, my mother and I have undertaken this immense project. As we have begun to walk, talk and paint our way through the Word of God, we find ourselves humbled and overwhelmed depending completely on Him to help us. There is a long way to go, but we simply know that we must try. So herein is our offering.

A few other notes:

You will notice the use of YHWH—an English version of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton—in the place of LORD throughout the Old Testament. Sadly, translators have removed God’s holy name 6,827 times from the Bible and replaced it with a title: “LORD”. There is much confusion about which God we worship and serve because we no longer know His name; particularly since “Lord” is used as a title for other gods as well. May YHWH bless you as you learn and use His mighty holy name.

We have used the World English Version of the Bible because it is copyright free. This keeps us from violating the law since we are using the entire text of the Bible.

May your studies be blessed!

Anne Olwin – Illustrator/Designer and Nana

Beth Linder – Author/Designer and Mommy

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